The following policies are applied by all staff within the county council’s Adults and Transition Services. All policies and procedures are subject to review as legislation and best practice changes.

Care and Treatment Reviews and Transforming Care

Transforming Care is a national initiative aimed at ensuring that children, young people and adults with a learning disability and / or Autism are not admitted to specialist hospitals because of their mental health needs or behaviours, unless it is absolutely necessary.

To make sure this happens, all people with learning disability and / or autism should be on a risk register (if they consent) and should have a Care and Treatment Review before they are admitted.

To find out more about these and Northamptonshire's procedures for this see Care and Treatment Reviews.

Continuing Healthcare

Deferred Payment

Personalisation, eligibility and assessment and charging for services

Equality Impact Assessments

Please see our published Equality Impact Assessments.


Medicines Management

Mental Capacity Act