Renewal of vows

The Northamptonshire Registration Service has many years of experience in recreating the special day that was your wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

Whether your original ceremony was in the distant past, or a more recent event, we can help you recreate that magical experience by helping you to renew your vows in a ceremony designed around your requirements.

What would our renewal of vows ceremony look like?

The renewal of vows ceremony is designed for any couple who wish to celebrate their relationship by renewing their vows in a personalised ceremony. The activities within the ceremony are created by you.

Why would we want to?

A renewal of vows ceremony is designed to celebrate a couple’s commitment to each other. This can be for example, where they have been through a difficult period in their relationship, or for those hopelessly romantic couples who want the opportunity to celebrate their continued commitment of love towards each other.

These ceremonies are particularly attractive to couples who previously held a ceremony abroad, stood on a sun-drenched beach on a romantic island as the sun was setting. Now you can have a bespoke ceremony but this time where family and good friends can take part. It’s up to you.

Whatever your motivation, the Registration Service team want to help you celebrate. A renewal of vows ceremony does not have any standing in law, and this becomes a celebratory advantage - there are minimal restrictions where they can take place. However, we do draw the line with ceremonies that involve accompanying you during a free-fall parachute jump or the like!

When should a ceremony take place?

It’s up to you. You choose when in your lives you want it.

How long does a ceremony last?

That depends on the content and the different options you choose. Complete the online planning form to outline the options you would like. However, after the ceremony the celebrations can continue as long as you like.

Is there a choice of ceremony?

There certainly is. The ceremony is devised by you and your partner from a wide range of choices (excluding the parachute bit). You are creating a customised event that is right for you, and that you and your guests will remember for years to come. You may wish to exchange rings – the originals or new ones, choose poems or personally meaningful text, and choose music that is special to you, such as classical, popular, rock or even rap.

Those special people in your lives can also take part. Your children, guests who were at your original ceremony, your friends and relatives - it’s up to you. Two of them could act as witnesses and sign a commemorative certificate. It’s your choice. After we have confirmed our availability, complete the online planning form to express your choices.

Are there any restrictions?

Only a few. Renewal of vows ceremonies are primarily celebratory in nature. They have no legal status and are not legally binding on those who participate.

The ceremony cannot have any religious content, or be conducted in a private house without a formal health and safety inspection. We also need to see your marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Please see terms and conditions for our booking conditions.

Who conducts the ceremony?

The ceremony will be conducted by a Registration Service ceremony officer. However, the ceremony officer does not act in any official or legal capacity.

Ceremony officers are trained to conduct different ceremonies in a professional and customer focused manner. This ensures your ceremony is an enjoyable and memorable occasion for you, your partner and everyone else attending your celebration.

Where can we hold our ceremony?

Whilst your ceremony can be conducted in any one of the Registration Service ceremony rooms around the county, Northamptonshire County Council also have an amazing variety of open-air venues in our country parks (weather, health and safety requirements permitting).

You may want to consider something a bit more formal. For instance, this could be in a hotel, conference centre, castle or country estate, or indeed a venue of your choice subject to health and safety requirements.

You need to book your venue directly with them but we recommend you enquire about Registration Service staff availability via our online enquiry form before paying any deposits with a venue.​

How to book a renewal of vows ceremony

Step 1: Make an enquiry

To recreate that magical day a second, third or fourth time contact us and we’ll get back to you on availability:

Enquire about booking a celebration ceremony

For prices, please visit our fees page.

Step 2: Plan your ceremony

Fill in the ceremony planning form by logging into your account that was created at time of booking. If you have forgotten the login details provided at the time of booking please contact the Registration Service by emailing the relevant authority:

For North Northamptonshire Council please email

For West Northamptonshire Council please email

This lets the registrars know your order of events for the ceremony. We recommend you submit the form 8 weeks before the ceremony to let us check there are no religious references in readings or music. About this time we will also contact you to take any outstanding balance of fees.

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