Convert a civil partnership to a marriage

The law has changed to allow existing civil partners to convert their civil partnership to a marriage.

How do we convert our civil partnership?

Both parties will need to attend an appointment with a registrar where you will complete and sign the civil partnership conversion declaration.

You can attend any register office in England and Wales for this process - it doesn't have to be the place where the civil partnership was formed.

We will ask to see original documents to show your details:

  • Names and ages - passport or birth certificate, along with any name change documents
  • Address – one of the following each: Council Tax bill, bank statement, photo ID UK driving licence
  • Your existing civil partnership certificate

How much will it cost?

The current fee is £45, subject to change by the government.

How to apply

To apply for a civil partnership conversion in a registration office complete the form and we will contact you to make the arrangements:

Apply for a civil partnership conversion

Celebrate your conversion to marriage

You may wish to celebrate the conversion by arranging a separate civil partnership conversion ceremony after the conversion at the registration office. There would be an additional fee for the ceremony (see Registration Service fees).

Alternately you can choose to convert the civil partnership using a 2 stage option where all of the documentation is checked at an appointment with a registrar but the signing of the legal document takes place at a separate ceremony. There would be additional fee for the ceremony part of the conversion (see Registration Service fees). If you choose this option the marriage certificates would not be available until the full conversion process has been completed.

How do I book a conversion ceremony?

To enquire about a civil partnership conversion using either of the options above, please contact Northamptonshire Registration Service.