24 months beforehand

  • Study this website and find out the things you need to do
  • Complete and submit our ceremony enquiry form:
Make a ceremony enquiry
  • Book your wedding with our ceremony team (in conjunction with the venue)

12 months beforehand

  • ​Book your appointment to each give your notice of marriage:
Book an appointment

9-12 months beforehand

  • Book photographer and videographer, reception venue, caterers, music, decoration of room and tables
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Decide on best man or woman, bridesmaids, page boys, ushers
  • Start making guest list
  • Plan and book what you will wear, for example the dress, the suit, what the attendants will wear
  • Check on wedding ceremony insurance (recommended)

6-9 months beforehand

  • Begin thinking about your gift list
  • Make your transport arrangements, including ceremony cars, to and from the venue

4-6 months beforehand

  • ​Order your ceremony stationery   
  • Choose your florist and place order   
  • Buy ring or rings   
  • Choose reception menu and order cake

3-4 months beforehand

  • ​Finalise the honeymoon arrangements
  • Apply to the passport office for change of name on passport   
  • Book overnight hotel if necessary if not already done
  • Send out invitations/ceremony gift list   
  • Research and send lists of local accommodation to guests who may need it
  • Buy attendants' presents   
  • Pay any remaining ceremony fee balance - we will phone you a few weeks before your ceremony to take your balance payment. To pay your balance now, contact Northamptonshire Registration Service
  • If you have not already done so, urgently book an appointment to give your notices of marriage:
Book an appointment

1 month beforehand

  • ​Chase up guests who have not replied
  • Order honeymoon currency
  • Notify bank and doctor, etc. for change of name and address   
  • Give final guest list to caterers   
  • Arrange hen and stag night
  • Book your big day hair appointment   
  • Phone local paper to arrange announcement report

1 week to go!

  • ​Time the journey to make sure there are no unexpected delays
  • Give your dress and suit, attendants' dresses etc. a final check for fit
  • Ensure all hired clothes are collected in time
  • Pack for your honeymoon.