How to do it


Select a venue

​Contact your chosen approved venue for their booking process. You are advised to make a provisional booking with the venue - but do not confirm that booking until you have booked a registrar.

Choose a venue
Select a venue


Book your ceremony


Review your contract details

Once you have completed your booking you will be sent an email confirmation with all our ceremony terms and conditions.

Please read through this carefully to ensure you are aware of all the requirements, as you have agreed to these terms and conditions at the time of booking, once accepted these terms and conditions are applied.



Give your notices of marriage or civil partnership

This is a legal requirement where you book an appointment to see a registrar with key documents of your identity and to prove you are free legally to marry.

This must be done at least 1 month before a ceremony, however we would recommend booking this at least 8 weeks prior to your ceremony date but can be up to 12 months ahead. There is a statutory fee to give notice of marriage. Please see our website if you are subject to immigration control for further information.


Plan your wedding or civil partnership ceremony

This allows you to personalise your ceremony on the day. To do this please complete your ceremony choices by logging into your account that was created at time of booking. If you have forgotten the login details you created at the time of booking please contact the Registration Service.

This lets the registrars know your order of events for the ceremony. We recommend you submit the form 8 weeks before the ceremony to let us review there are no religious references in readings or music as this is a civil ceremony and to ensure the content is solemn and dignified.

Plan your wedding or civil partnership ceremony


Enjoy your day!

Do not be late!
Registrars have other ceremonies to attend and if you do not start on time they may have to postpone your ceremony.


Find out what happens on the day