Superfast Northamptonshire

Superfast Northamptonshire is the public face of the Northamptonshire local broadband project.

We worked closely with Superfast Northamptonshire's investment partners to secure access to Superfast Broadband across the county by 2017.  However, the upgrade and deployment of new telecoms infrastructure across the county will not be enough to realise our ambition. It is vital that residents and businesses embrace superfast broadband enabled technologies to transform the way they live, work and do business.

You can view the latest information about the project and its schedule by visiting the Superfast Northamptonshire - Roll out schedule page.

For further information about the Superfast Northamptonshire project, visit: 

Superfast business films

Northamptonshire County Council has commissioned a series of short films to promote the benefits of Superfast Broadband enabled technology. The films showcase local businesses from across the county that use Superfast Broadband:

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