The Ten Point Plan

​​In 2012, Northamptonshire was named the most enterpri​si​​ng place in Britain, an accolade we are very proud of. Our work is not done, and we have ambition for the future of our county.

The 10 Point Plan is our growth proposition to central government. Our vision is that Northamptonshire will continue to build on the success stories of the past few years and place itself firmly on the national and international business map.

Through this plan we want to help create 70,000 new jobs here in Northamptonshire over the next 15 years and provide the infrastructure which could potentially release over 80,000 new homes.

The ten points

  1. Housing Growth
  2. Digital Economy
  3. Innovation
  4. High Performance Technology
  5. Logistics and Distribution
  6. Public Sector Land and Buildings
  7. International Investment and Trade
  8. Energy Efficiency
  9. Infrastructure
  10. Skills and Employment

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