Providing goods and services to the council

Local suppliers and SMEs

We aim to make sure that all businesses including SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), charities and voluntary organisations can successfully compete for their contract opportunities.

This includes:

  • advertising contracts with a total contract value of £25,000 or higher on Contracts Finder
  • only going to full tender where the total value of the contract matches or exceeds the EU threshold
  • ensuring that awarded contracts worth over £5,000 in total value are published on our contract register, so suppliers can see where sub-contracting opportunities are available

We have also delivered procurement awareness sessions on EU Procurement rules and the council's own processes to members of the local Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Chamber of Commerce. The FSB has also recently endorsed one of the Council's procurement templates.

Standard Terms and Conditions

The document below constitutes the council's standard terms and conditions of purchase.

These terms and conditions apply to all Purchase Orders (PO) raised by the council for a total value below £25,000.

Getting paid

We want to pay you promptly within agreed payment terms. The document below gives you details on how to ensure that we do.

Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

We are committed to eliminating acts of modern slavery and human trafficking within our client’s business and our supply chains, sub-contractors and partners. A workshop was delivered to members of our NCC Procurement team (19 February 2019) to raise awareness of modern slavery issues in procurement and the supply chain.

Whistleblowing Policy

Northamptonshire County Council is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with this commitment the council encourages individuals with serious concerns about an activity in the council to voice those concerns.

This also applies to concerns about the actions of employees and councillors and external organisations in their dealings with the council.

The Whistleblowing Policy is applicable to the following groups:

  • All employees
  • All contractors working for the council on council property
  • All suppliers to the council

Where possible the council seeks to ensure that any issues that are raised through the Whistleblowing Policy are dealt with through the internal process outlined.

However, where an individual feels that the issue should be raised outside of the council, reference must be made to the 'Blowing the Whistle to a Prescribed Person' document available on the GOV.UK website.

Social value

We encourage the use of social value in our procurement activities and have designed a toolkit to use which features some practical guidance: