Business advice

We enforce many consumer laws to encourage fair, safe and honest trading. If you run a business we can provide you with advice and guidance to ensure you comply with Trading Standards laws.

There are different levels of support we can offer depending on the nature of your business:

Bespoke business advice

We can tailor advice to the needs of your business across the spectrum of Trading Standards legislation. Fees are charged on a cost recovery basis.

The maximum hourly rate payable for VAT-registered businesses is £71.44 (plus VAT).

A lower subsidised hourly rate of £59.33 (plus VAT) will be charged for non-VAT registered businesses.

However, many start up businesses and some small businesses may be eligible for some free advice to support your business.

Primary Authority Partnerships

A Primary Authority Partnership is a contract where we provide ongoing advice and support on specific areas of regulation applicable to your business.

Trading Standards law explained

  • Business Companion
    Free, impartial legal guidance for businesses that sell goods and/or supply services to consumers, run by the Trading Standards Institute.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact us by completing our online form:

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