20:20 Vision Consultation Events 2017

​The 20:20 Vision for SEND in Northamptonshire was a series of events to gather information to co-produce with children, young people and their parents the priorities for improving outcomes for the future.

We looked to find out what, in your opinion, works well and what could be better.

Day one - 14 March 2017

A scene setting day, with Lesley Hagger, Director for Children, Families and Education in Northamptonshire and Jane Friswell, ex-chair of NASEN and specialist SEN teacher.

The films of the 20:20 events can still be viewed on the Local Offer YouTube channel.

Lesley Hagger

Jane Friswell

Groups of parents, professionals and young people discussed three specific topics covering transition points, Inclusion, education for employment or training for life. We then summarised these debates into three points about 'what works well at the moment' and 'what would be better if'.

The following topics were covered:

Day two - 22 March 2017

The morning focussed on support for children from birth to 5 years.

The afternoon focussed on support for school age children aged 5 to 16 years.

The underlying themes for the afternoon were taken from over 100 facilitated surveys made during the autumn term with students attending mainstream schools. Northgate Arts College were asked to write and act plays that explored these themes.

The discussed topics were:

Day three - 30 March 2017

Preparing for adulthood - for young people over the age of 14 years old.

The discussed topics were:

A video summary of the events giving a view of the three days

This was shown at the 'Continuing the Conversation' event held in July 2017.

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Action plan

To see the ongoing action plan created from the strategy that was formed by these events please see the 20:20 Vision page.

If you would like to get involved, as a parent, please contact our Northamptonshire Parent Forum Group for more information.