What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer team publish information on this website about services available for children and young people (aged 0 to 25) with special educational needs and disabilities in Northamptonshire.

All local authorities are required to have a Local Offer according to the following legislation: North and West Northamptonshire continue to share the one created for Northamptonshire County Council. 

If you need to contact the Local Offer team, you can ring on 01604 366124 and leave a message on the answer phone. The phone system will then send the Local Offer team an e-mail with your message recorded. 

Or you can e-mail: Localoffer.NCC@northnorthants.gov.uk or complete our enquiry form

About the Local Offer

  • Provide information for families with children who have a special educational need or disability.
  • Improve choice and transparency for these families.
  • Help professionals to understand the range of services and provision available locally.
  • Improve joint commissioning arrangements for services by setting out (in a single place) what is available locally

Kathy Forsdyke and Young Champions from Shooting Stars group explain the 'Local Offer' service:

What is Northamptonshire's Local Offer?

The Local Offer team work closely with the Northamptonshire Parent Forum Group (NPFG) and the Information Advice and Support Service (IASS) to provide the information that families want. The Shooting Stars focus group support the Local Offer team with advice and opinions, and also proofread our easy read guides.

If you would like to be involved then please contact us by emailing LocalOffer.NCC@northnorthants.gov.uk.

Here are some of our suggestions to help you search successfully.

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Refining the results

You can refine your search results (if needed) by applying the filters. You can define the age range, choose specific provider types or apply other options. These will vary depending on the original results.

Note: You will need to click 'Apply' at the bottom of each filter list in order to refine the results.

Top tips for using the Local Offer search bar



​ Use single words, rather than a whole sentence

​ Don’t use too many search options. Try to use no more than two (e.g. keyword and location)

​ Use speech marks around your search terms (e.g. "wheelchair basketball")

​ Don’t use technical or medical words ('deaf' will generate more results than 'bilateral sensorineural deafness')

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Further guidance

Other pages

The website has other pages (in the black bar) where you can find more information such as the What's On page, which lists stand-alone events for example seasonal activities.

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Underneath your results you will find a 'features bar' giving you a quick link to other relevant services.

You can also view our social media posts at the bottom of each page.


If you wish to translate content into another language, we recomend that you use a translator (such as translate.google.co.uk).

Accessing the Local Offer information for people who are not online

Information from the Local Offer is available for those who don't have access to the internet by:


We hope you find our website easy-to-use, and that you find what you were looking for. Please let us know what you think by giving us some feedback.

  • special educational provision
  • health provision
  • social care provision
  • other educational provision
  • training provision
  • arrangements for children and young people to travel to schools, colleges and early years education
  • leisure and sports opportunities
  • preparing for adulthood information
  • policies, YouTube links, easy read documents, guides, fact sheets and leaflets

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