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Advice And Information
Unity Business Centre, 26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS7 1AB
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CHANGE is a non-profit organisation that specialises in producing accessible information resources. People with learning disabilities are central to the organisation, and are fully involved in co-delivering their work. Their activities include:

The CHANGE website has a range of resources. Easy-read books and documents are available for free and to purchase. People can also make their own easy-read documents by subscribing to their online Media Gallery and Easy Doc Creator.

Easy Read
Organisations from all over the world commission CHANGE to produce bespoke easy-read documents and accessible videos. Co-production from start to finish ensures they produce information that is easier for people with learning disabilities to understand.

Project Partnership
CHANGE work on a variety of projects funded by external organisations and government departments that influence national policy, facilitate systemic change, and create opportunities for the inclusion of people with learning disabilities.

CHANGE have a range of training courses and a consulting service to support organisations and businesses to become more accessible and inclusive for people with learning disabilities.

CHANGE is an enterprise within the Advonet group (registered charity no. 1126132).

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0 - 100 years
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  • Open to everyone
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  • No referral needed
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