Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

Type of service:
Finance And Funding
Community House, Room F35, South Street, Bromley, London BR1 1RH
Telephone number:
0207 998 8817
Service description:
The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust provides life-enhancing grants (where funding is not readily available from other sources) towards medical items and services. They support adults and children whose lives are impaired by severe health problems and are resident in the UK.
Applications should be made by a medical professional on behalf of the client. Applications will also be accepted from social workers, occupational therapists, charities, and the Citizens Advice Bureau.
Registered charity no. 1157980.
Age range:
0 - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • Health
  • SEND descriptors
Referral route:
  • Agency referral
  • G.P or health referral
  • Professional referral
  • Social Care
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