Northamptonshire Football Association - Disability Sessions

Type of service:
Groups, Clubs And Activities
Telephone number:
01604 678400
Mobile number:
07971 138768
Service description:

Northamptonshire Football Association aims to establish safe and structured football opportunities for all irrespective of age, colour, sexuality, gender identity, or disability.

Please find below a full list of clubs in the county that currently provide opportunities for people with disabilities to play football:

Brackley Town FC
Contact: Andy Thompson (

Kettering FC
Contact: Simon Aston (

Kettering Town FC
Contact: David Dent (

Netherton United FC
Contact: Clara Nicholls (

Northampton Town FC
Contact: Russell Lewis (

Northamptonshire Powerchair Club
Contact: Kim Mander (

Peterborough United FC - Amputee
Contact: Gary Marheineke (

Peterborough United FC - Deaf
Contact: Andy Palmer (

For further information on any of the clubs above, either contact them directly or get in touch with Christian Smith on 01604 678400 or

Contact provider for cost details
Age range:
5 years - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • Age - School (5-18)
  • Age - Adulthood (18-25)
Referral route:
  • Contact service direct
  • No referral needed
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