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The Northamptonshire School Sport Partnerships (SSPs) run an Inclusive PE and School Sport Programme, which aims to improve opportunities for pupils with special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

The SSPs work with pupils who attend special schools, and also with pupils (who have SEND) that attend mainstream schools. They work with all participating schools to provide a programme that meets the students' specific needs. The SSPs offer a range of activities to suit all children - enabling them to be active in physical education (PE) lessons and after-school clubs.

  • Project Ability

Project Ability is a Youth Sport Trust funded initiative that aims to provide more opportunities for pupils SEND to take part in competitive sport. Through the School Games framework (and a network of Project Ability schools), the project aims to improve quality and extend the provision of physical activity. Project Ability includes:

- Bespoke training
- The implementation of more competitive opportunities
- The development of school club activities

Project Ability Competitions are an opportunity for students with SEND to compete in national governing body structured competitions. School Games rules must be adhered to at all times as these competitions progress to Level 3 School Games and/or regional levels of competition.

In Northamptonshire, Project Ability is led by Friars Academy (which is part of the Wellingborough and East Northants SSP). Email Rhian ( for more information.

  • Inclusive Competitions at Level 3 School Games

Inclusive Competitions provide an opportunity for pupils with SEND to compete alongside mainstream peers in the same team, in the same competition. A minimum of 50% of a team competing in an Inclusive Competition must be pupils with SEND.

  • District Level 2 Competition

- Arrows (KS2)
- Goalball (KS2)
- New Age Kurling (KS1 and KS2)

  • Open Level 3 Competitions

- Boccia (KS2, KS3, and KS4)
- Lord Taverner’s Pan-Disability Table Cricket (KS3 and KS4)
- TriGolf (KS2, KS3, and KS4)

  • Festival Programme

Provides a less competitive environment for students - allowing them to gain a better understanding of the rules, develop their skills, and to apply both of these in a relaxed environment. Festivals do not lead to a level of competition that needs strict rules and therefore there should be expectation from staff that not all rules will be applied and students are allowed help.

- Sports-Hall Athletics
- TriGolf
- Table Cricket
- Sitting Volleyball
- Handball

The festivals programme opportunities are led by young SEND leaders who have undertaken sports leaders courses to help gain confidence to deliver and host their own sports festivals and opportunities at school.


  • Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP)

Helps pupils with profound and multiple disabilities and PMLD to improve their motor skills in a fun way - enabling them to improve their mobility and take part in fun activities. This has been developed with partners from health services.
Northamptonshire is one of the first counties to introduce a national initiative called the Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP), which caters for PMLD children and offers individuals a specific programme of tasks and activities in conjunction with ongoing physiotherapy to develop mobility, dexterity, hitting or kicking skills, that then can be incorporated as part of a recognised game and activities.
The team ensures that the inclusive programme can provide opportunities for all abilities

- Primary (KS1-KS2)
- Secondary (KS3-KS4)


for more information about the Motor Activity Training Programme.

  • Come and Try

Come & Try Opportunities are a way for pupils to experience a new sport or activity without having the pressure of being within a competitive or festival-style environment. On occasions, experienced and qualified coaches may lead part of the session. These sessions provide a great opportunity for teachers’ continuing professional development as well. E

for more information.

  • Step Into Sport generic Leaders Camp
  • Introduction to being a sport leader with a young athlete mentor presentation. Learning STEP principles and gaining confidence to work together to develop a plan for 30 minutes daily exercise at school.

    • Young Leadership Programme

    Young leaders will ideally, have attended a 'Step Into Sport' camp to gain leadership knowledge, information, confidence and practical skills.

    Young Leaders courses are offered in

    • Tri Golf
    • Sports Hall Athletics
    • Handball
    • Table Cricket

    The leadership programme underpins the delivery of the 'Come and Try' and the Festival opportunities with young leaders taking part in .

    • Lord Taveners Table Cricket Competition and free coaching sessions 

    The Lord’s Taverners Table Cricket programme aims to provide young people (8 - 25 yrs old) with a disability access to sporting provision. The programme is specifically for those who are left out of PE, who cannot play other sports because of their disability and really do have limited other options.

    The offer is 6-week coaching programme which leads up to our Lords Taverners Table Cricket Competition – schools accessing the coaching are committed to attend the competition

    Coach provided FREE of charge to teach your students on how to play Table Cricket.

    Equipment will be provided, but we will just need to use a Table Tennis Table - If you don’t have a table then please don’t worry, we can be creative and push normal tables together the play the game.

    • County wide Swimming Support 1:1 for children attending mainstream swimming lessons 

    This is the 3rd year Northamptonshire has supported this opportunity through the YST Inclusion 2020 programme – After an initial audit with all schools, swimming pools and teachers we found that we could tailor a bespoke – individual specific support programme working to support schools – to enable all SEND children to swim in their school swimming lessons. Following an initial meeting with Teachers, TA’s and the student – a plan is discussed and developed to help support and provide the necessary skills, requirements and confidence to aid and enable all SEND children to swim in lessons alongside their peers. 121 support is given by the County Sports Inclusion Officer / experience Swimming teacher. Support given before during and after lessons in and out of the pool – for as long as necessary. Please contact Michelle Reeves if you would like to discuss this opportunity further, or you have child with SEND you think this opportunity would help.

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