We aim to support you to get a good start and be well prepared for the next stage in your learning, training or employment. 

If you would like support to make decisions about courses, progression or career planning, you can contact a member of our own team, or someone from the National Careers Service. 

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We can help you to find out if a course is suitable for you, or if you need help to understand our fees or concessions.

​If you would like information and advice from one of our team as part of your enrolment or decision making process please complete our contact form.

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We can help you to find out about our courses, help you to use our website or support you to make decisions about further learning and progression.

If you would like information and advice from one of our team about your progression, please complete our contact form. Contact us about progression 

 Contact the National Careers Service

​We work in partnership with National Careers Service advisers who can provide information, advice and guidance to help you write a CV or make decisions on learning, training and work.

The National Careers Service can be contacted on their website or by phone on 0800 100 900.

Alternatively by texting your name and the word ADVICE to 07766 413219 you will receive a call from an adviser for free.

​Continuing your learning

After you have attended one of our courses, you might like to progress onto further learning, to help you with this, please refer to the progression information, advice, and guidance provided during your course (as below):

Alternatively, you can contact your local college or university to enquire directly:

Labour market information

After you have attended one of our courses, you might like to progress into work. Labour market can help you make good decisions when you are first progressing into work, considering career change or moving to a new area to live. Labour market information explains about the key job sectors for our area, the South East Midlands.

Our impact

Here at Adult Learning we are proud of our service and our learners' achievements. Learning can change lives and we love to hear about where people have progressed to after taking a course with us. Here's just some of the feedback and quotes from our learners:

"I really enjoyed it and really wanted to do more and pursue learning Japanese seriously, so I applied to study Japanese with a number of Universities and Manchester University was the first to get back to me. From a career perspective I really want to be in translation, although there's also a lot in business, so I don't really mind where it takes me."

Ciara's Story - Japanese course

"I am undertaking an Apprenticeship in Level 3 Business Administration and in order to complete it, I required a GCSE grade of C or above in English and maths.  As I hadn't achieved that, I needed (rather than wanted) to complete Functional Skills Level 2 in both subjects, which would give me a GCSE grade C equivalent. Once I began and went along this path, the need soon became a want too, as I wanted to be prove to myself, that I could achieve what I initially thought was impossible."

Rhiannon's story – Functional Skills English and Maths courses

"I entered some of my stories into the Henshaw short story competitions and always ask for a critique, which usually arrives soon after the closing date. When I had not received the critique for my last entry, I checked on their web-site and was amazed to find my name on the long list and even more amazed when it reached the short-list of 6. When the critique did arrive I was again encouraged to learn my failure to reach the final prize winning 3 was in the main due to typo's and punctuation. They suggested the story content, with some minor alterations could be a "real gem."

Margaret's story - Creative Writing course