Family Learning

Family Learning courses offer free, fun learning opportunities for parents, carers and children to learn together. All Family Learning courses are taught by experienced and qualified tutors who will help to identify personal learning aims, for you and your children, in a safe and welcoming environment.

What is family learning?

Courses are free and run at local schools, children's centres, community centres, libraries and other local venues. If mothers, fathers and carers want to learn with their children as a family, or further develop their own skills to support their children at school, we will have a course that suits their needs.

What are the benefits?

Family Learning builds confidence, skills and interest to go on learning in adults and children and enables families to learn with and from each other. Our courses promote family relationships, raise the attainment and achievement of adults and promote positive behaviour and attitude changes in children through the encouragement of collaborative learning.

Register your interest in our courses

Some examples of past courses we have delivered are listed below. If you are interested in taking part in any of these you can register your interest and we will contact you when future courses come available.

Simply follow the links below, and choose the 'Add to Waiting List' button.

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​ Course titleLength (Weeks)Course description

123 Magic


To help parents and carers manage difficult behaviour.​

Arts & Craft for Families


​To reflect on my personal and family situation in relation to returning to work, training or volunteering.

Balancing Family Needs and Returning to Work


​To reflect on my personal and family situation in relation to returning to work, training or volunteering.

Family – maths/English/language


​To show how to use more everyday activities to support your child's learning

Family Resilience


​To find out about resilience and look at ways to strengthen your own family’s resilience to cope with life’s challenges.

Getting off to a Good Start (Nursery, Primary & Secondary)


​To find out how to use everyday activities to support your child’s learning and prepare them for school.

Healthy Eating On A Budget For Families


​To find out about healthy eating in a fun way.

ICT for Families


​To gain confidence in using ICT and to help support your child’s learning.

Keeping Families Safe Online


​To gain knowledge and understanding on how to keep your family safe online.

​Keeping Up with the Children - Maths / English


​To find out how children learn Maths / English at school and how to support your child’s learning at home.

Family Fortunes


​To improve my skills for managing money.

Progress towards qualification

For some a Family Learning course can be a good first step on the way to qualification. For more information about some of the qualifications ALS currently offer please visit our Essential skills page.

Our partners

Our Family Learning team work with partners across Northamptonshire to help mothers, fathers and carers to better support their child's learning at school and at home. Family Learning courses can help parents and carers:

  • become more involved in their children's learning
  • become more connected to your organisation and the wider community
  • become more confident in communicating e.g. with a class teacher or family support worker
  • model a positive attitude to all learning
  • develop their social skills and personal wellbeing

If you work for an organisation that may benefit from our service, or would be interested in running a series of Family Learning courses, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact for more information.

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