​​​Our antenatal program gives universal information covering the period from conception to the first few weeks with your new born.

How can I prepare for parenthood?

Finding out that you are going to become a parent can be amazing and exciting but can also leave you with a lot of questions. Building a relationship with baby starts from conception, this programme aims to provide information on the most frequently asked questions and topics to help guide you into parenthood.

Antenatal virtual programme

We have created a series of videos about different aspects of pregnancy and the first few weeks of life for a new born which can be found on our YouTube channel.

This video introduces the Strong Start teams and gives information about the whole antenatal video series. Introduction to the antenatal series. 

Information about oral health and dental care in pregnancy, babies and beyond.


Information on what is going to happen during your pregnancy and what you should expect in each trimester.

Watch body changes during pregnancy here.

​Information on how to care for your mental health during your pregnancy and where to get support.

​Guidance on what to prepare ready for the arrival of your baby.

Coming soon - You and baby get to know a lot about each other before they arrive. This video explains how you can build a strong bond throughout pregnancy and after birth.

This video demonstrates ways to ensure baby is as safe as possible while they are sleeping.


Information on how to prepare and maintain a safe home and environment to protect your growing baby.


Guidance on sudden infant death and measures you can take to reduce the risk to your baby.

Information about support services available during pregnancy and for new parents.

Coming soon - Information about emotional changes after birth and what to do if you feel you need extra support.

​Information and demonstrations on how to care for your new baby once you get home.

Information about over the counter prescriptions and recreational drug use during pregnancy.

Watch our medication during pregnancy video here.

​Coming soon - Information for how to maintain a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy

Information on how your baby is growing and developing in utero and in the first few weeks of life.

​Tips and demonstrations on how to feed your baby, breast feeding, hand expression and where to get support.