Looking after yourself

Your own physical and mental health is just as important as your child’s. We can provide advice and support for looking after your own well-being. 

How to look after yourself

Being a parent can be challenging and it can be difficult to find time for yourself, changes to your mental health can sometimes affect children and their well-being too, they may pick up on your anxiety or low mood. Changes to your physical health or poor health also need to be addressed so that your whole family can be happy and healthy.

Looking after yourself virtual programme 

Strong Start have put together videos containing tips and advice on how you can look after yourself as a parent.

​Parental mental health is important, everyone copes with change and stress in different ways. We've got some hints and tips you might find helpful.


Looking after your own health is important, this video gives information on smoking cessation and where to go for support, the benefits of quitting and the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. It also includes fire safety and safe sleeping tips to help keep you and your family safe.