Home schooling (elective home education)

​We support the rights of parents to educate their child at home.

Where children are educated at home, we work in partnership with parents to ensure the child receives a suitable education that takes into account their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have.

What should I do if I want to educate my child at home?

You should inform the head teacher of your child's school in writing. The school are then required to inform us.

If your child is not on a school roll, for example if they have never attended school or have just moved into Northamptonshire, please contact us below:


Parental responsibilities

There is no requirement for parents to follow the national curriculum or to have premises equipped to any particular standard.

However, you must inform the local authority of how you plan to educate your child.

Please complete the Home Education Plan form below within 4 weeks of commencing home education and email it to ehe-admin@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk

Voice of the child

Please use these documents to record the voice of the child.

These documents may not be accessible for people using assistive technology because they have been designed to be printed. Request an accessible format.

Home Education Bulletins

The role of the local authority in elective home education  

The local authority must satisfy itself that parents are fulfilling their educational duties to their child. If you don't provide evidence of this, we will make informal enquiries before considering the need for further action.

Where these informal enquiries are not successful and it appears that a child is not receiving a suitable education we may serve a notice on the parent. This notice requires the parent to satisfy the authority that the child is receiving suitable education.

If this order is not complied with within the timescale we will serve a School Attendance Order on the parent naming a school at which the child must attend.

What if the child has special educational needs?

All children can be educated at home regardless of any special educational needs or disability.

Important examination information - January 2021 

If your child was due to take examinations this year and is  affected by the Government's announcement that examinations will not take place please read the following information from the government.

If you have further questions then then please email Ofqual.

Unfortunately the Local Authority have no further information at this time around plans for assessing external candidates. As soon as we have any information this will be send out to parents.