School closures


See the website for the latest news on changes to schools and educational settings.

It is now the responsibility of the school or academy to notify of a closure. We no longer offer a facility to log closures and no school closures will be displayed on this website.

Schools directory

You can use the schools directory to find the contact details of each school in Northamptonshire.

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Radio station alerts

When there is a closure, schools will often notify the radio stations below:

  • BBC Radio Northampton - 104.2 & 103.6 FM
  • Heart Radio in Northamptonshire (formerly Northants 96) -  96.6 FM
  • Connect 97.2 & 107.4 FM 
  • Heart Radio in Oxfordshire 102.6 and 97.4 FM
  • Harborough - 102.3 FM
  • Banbury Sound - 107.6 FM
  • Corby Radio - 96.3 FM