How to access the Educational Psychology Service

We are funded by the local authority to provide support for statutory activities as part of the education, health and care needs assessment. Additionally, schools and settings can take out a service level agreement to commission support directly.

Support commissioned by the local authority for maintained schools and settings: our Local Offer

The local authority funds the service for a range of high priority and statutory activities as part of the Education, health and care needs assessment process. These activities are delivered without additional cost to state funded schools in Northamptonshire. This constitutes the Local Offer from the service, which is outlined in the document below.

Commissioning support directly: service level agreements

Schools and settings can commission support directly from the appropriate educational psychology service using a service level agreement (SLA). Commissions to start after 31 March 2021 will be from:

When does the SLA take effect?

Please see below for the dates by when a service level agreement should be taken out in order for the service to be prioritised in time for the next year:

​Timeframe for SLA​Funding committed as part of an SLA by​Service will be prioritised
​Organisations structured around the academic year​1 June​Within the following academic year
​Organisations structured around the financial year​28 February​Within the next financial year

Requests made later in the academic year or financial year will only be delivered if staffing is available.

How much does an SLA cost?

​The charge for a service level agreement (SLA) for all organisations from April 2022 is £650 per day or £108.33 per hour. This flat-rate charge represents a departure from the previous charging structure, where rates depended on quantity of days commissioned.

An agreed SLA from April 2021 for schools and other organisations located:

  • in the North of the county will be delivered by the North Northamptonshire Educational Psychology Service
  • in the West of the county will be delivered by the West Northamptonshire Educational Psychology Service

Costs are secure for the duration of the agreement.

Agreements for more than one year are recommended (current maximum period – 3 years)

For commissions from outside Northamptonshire, travel costs will be added. ​

How do we sign up?

You can sign up to the service by completing the service level agreement below:

Sign up to the service