Information and support for families

​The Educational Psychology Service promotes the learning, achievement and emotional wellbeing of all children and young people. We also empower parents and carers and professionals in supporting children's special educational needs.

Through the application of psychological knowledge and skills, we aim to help children and young people (from birth to 25 years) overcome barriers to successful learning.   

These barriers might arise from:

  • learning difficulties and special educational needs (SEN)
  • social, emotional or mental health needs
  • physical, medical or sensory needs
  • communication and language needs

Services we provide

  • Individual, group and class-based interventions that use specific psychological approaches and techniques .
  • Direct work with children and young people, including detailed assessment of complex needs.
  • Support to key adults in schools.
  • Training and development work.

We work in response to the council's priorities, including:

  • Support following a critical incident or tragic event
  • The provision of statutory psychological advice
  • Support to pupils with an EHC Plan who are at risk of exclusion
  • Support to those who are in the care of the local authority


Our educational psychologist is friendly and helpful and has an extensive knowledge of strategies and interventions that he is willing to discuss at length. He has a lovely manner with the students he has worked with. Staff, students and parents feel comfortable with him.

How we can help

We will try to gain a better understanding of your child’s strengths and difficulties through a consultation model of working, which may include:

  • meeting you and staff
  • observing in the classroom or playground
  • talking to your child
  • looking at school work
  • using activities or tests
  • developing and reviewing a support plan alongside a written consultation record for all involved

We would always want to meet with you as part of the consultation process. If you wish to be present during any direct work then please discuss with us. Sometimes it can be reassuring to an anxious or very young child. In other circumstances it may be off-putting. You are most likely to know how your child will respond.

Who we work with

We work in partnership with individuals and groups of children, teachers, teaching assistants, parents or carers and others in schools and early years settings.

We also work with education officers, the health service, social services and other agencies.


Our educational psychologist is always understanding and supportive of students' needs, school and parents and shows the utmost professionalism at all times.

Accessing the service

If your child’s school commissions our service then they will have arrangements with us for agreeing the involvement.

They will always ask for your involvement and consent.

If you have concerns about your child

In the first instance, concerns about your child’s learning and progress at school should be discussed with your child’s teacher or the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). The SENCo will contact us if appropriate to start a discussion about your child’s needs.

Further information

For further information about Northamptonshire Educational Psychology Service please ask your child’s school.

Or you can contact us directly by emailing:

North Northamptonshire

West Northamptonshire

Other support

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