Information for clerks

How to update your governing body's information

You can use the online form below to let us know about changes to your governing body:

  • appointments, acceptance or resignation of governors
  • non-acceptance of governors
  • change of address of governor
  • changes to chair, vice chair, governor or headteacher
  • new governor skills requirements
 Update governing body information

Appointment of Local Authority Governors

The procedure for the Appointment of Local Authority Governors is currently under review.

Election of parent governors

Business interest

Governors are required to divulge areas where they have or could have any direct or indirect pecuniary or personal interest in any contract, proposed contract or other matter affecting the school. This form must be completed by all governors and kept at the school. Information from the form must be put on to the school’s website.


Headteachers' reports to governors

The role of the governing body in supporting school improvement relies to a great extent on receiving accurate information about the performance of the school via the headteacher’s report. The report should be sent to governors with the other paperwork prepared for a governor’s meeting.

It is likely to include information on:

  • pupil progress
  • management of the school’s resources
  • progress in the implementation of the school development plan

The report provides a record of aspects of the school’s work alongside meeting minutes.

Items which could be included in a termly report:

  • progress on SDP targets including curriculum developments, staff CPD and use of time
  • progress of the budget
  • achievements of pupils and other members of the school community
  • school visits and journeys
  • extra-curricular activities
  • projections for number on roll figures and admissions trends over time
  • staffing structure and responsibilities
  • emerging priorities for school improvement planning
  • review of material resources, premises requirements and concerns
  • policy monitoring information
  • financial plans and fundraising
  • outcomes of curriculum reviews

Items which could be included at least once a year:

  • pupil attendance data with trends
  • pupil exclusion data with trends e.g. by gender, ethnic group, age
  • baseline assessments and a review of key trends from raise-on-line
  • public examination results and leavers’ destinations
  • home-school links and reporting to parents systems
  • community links and use of school facilities
  • health and safety issues, relating to policy
  • visitors to the school (avoid long listings) SEN policy implementation
  • summary of extra curricular activities
  • LA’s development plan targets and links to our SDP

Items which could be included as and when:

  • staff appointments and number of applicants
  • staff changes, resignations, vacancies
  • formal complaints
  • requests for approval of school visits and journeys
  • policy monitoring information
  • maintenance and improvement work to premises