Chatterbooks is a model for children's reading groups designed by the Reading Agency.

The Reading Agency estimate that almost 9,000 children belong to Chatterbooks groups, which are run in libraries and schools to generate discussion and encourage children to enjoy reading. The groups are run by librarians, teachers, teaching assistants, or volunteers - anyone with a passion for reading.

What are Chatterbooks sessions?

Chatterbooks is a flexible model that can be used with children from 4 up to 12, for all different abilities and in targeted or mixed groups.

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The Chatterbooks sessions are aimed to inspire children and young people to read different types of books. The sessions also help the children to develop the confidence to talk in a group and share their enthusiasm for the book they have read with their peers.

What are Chatterbooks collections?

Chatterbooks collections are suitable for primary and secondary schools. They are aimed at children with a lower reading ability.

Each Chatterbooks collection is themed and made up of 25 books and an activity pack.

How can I borrow a Chatterbooks collection?

Chatterbooks collections can be borrowed for a 6 week or 12 week term. They can form part of your school's project loans, or be loaned separately as part of the tailor made service menu.

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