Fiction Express

Fiction Express by Boolino is an innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors

What is Fiction Express? 

Fiction Express encourages reading for pleasure through the fun co-creation of stories by students and authors. 

Every half-term, three books are published on the Fiction Express website in weekly chapters. What happens next is entirely up to the readers. Using their votes, they are able to decide where the plot goes next. Then the author will bring the most popular choice to life.

Visit the Fiction Express website

How do I access Fiction Express? 

Primary and secondary schools who have a full subscription to LRE get access to Fiction Express as part of their subscription. Non- subscribing schools are also able to purchase a yearly subscription to Fiction Express through LRE at a discounted rate.

Contact Learning Resources for Education to find out how to activate your Fiction Express subscription, or to enquire about purchasing a subscription separately via our tailor made service menu.

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