School Library Award

Learning Resources for Education are delighted to offer secondary schools in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties the opportunity to accredit their library service through our award scheme.

What is the School Library Award?

The award enables any secondary school to work towards achieving our Silver Library Award or the Gold Award for high-achieving services.

The award is a self-assessment process conducted by the designated member of staff in charge of the library and endorsed by the headteacher.

Why apply for a School Library Award?         

Earning a school library award highlights your service as one which achieves high standards across a number of areas. The self assessment process also assists you to plan consistent improvements across your service.

What does the self-assessment involve?

The assessment is an audit of 20 key activities. Schools note how their library is operating across 3 levels, in a range of activities and services.

The levels are:

  • Developing                   
  • Establishing
  • Enhancing

How does my school achieve the award?

A silver award is given to a school where the library is delivering 10 or more separate activities or services in the ‘establishing’ and/or ‘enhancing’ category. A gold award is given for 15 or more services in the ‘enhancing’ category only.

The scheme allows schools to achieve in some areas where they may not be able to, through financial constraints, in others. 

Who can apply?

The award is open to all secondary schools in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is an administrative fee that is currently under review. More details will be published shortly. In the interim, please contact us for more information.

How does my school apply?

Please email us for an application pack with "Northamptonshire SLS School Library Awards" in the subject of your email.

Please ensure your full name, job title and school name are in the body of the email.

How is the award judged?

Staff from LRE will assess the submission and if appropriate will present the school with an award certificate. Their decision is final, but a school will usually be able to submit a further application following a minimum 6-month gap.