Property management

Schools and educational establishments have a responsibility to ensure their properties are managed safely and efficiently.

Managing your property

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​The Asset Management Plan aims to provide a robust, objective and transparent method of prioritising building needs. 

Asset Management Plans are prepared and implemented by local authorities in consultation with stakeholders.  Asset Management Plan processes influence both national and local funding allocations and inform spending priorities, both at local authority and individual premises level. 

The Asset Management Plan consists of three linked components:

  • Condition – needs focus on the physical state of the premises to ensure safe and continuous operation.
  • Suitability – needs focus on the quality of the premises to meet curriculum and management needs of the building users.
  • Sufficiency – needs focus on the quantity of and organisation of places for the number of pupils on roll.

All schools with the exception of voluntary aided schools should notify the council when proposing any works to their school buildings or site.

This includes the installation of solar photovoltaic (pv) electricity panels.

How to notify us of work to your school

Step 1

Email the Capital Programme Manager for Education at to determine if your project will have any effect on current or future strategic plans for your school.

Step 2

Follow the information in the school managed projects handbook below:

Step 3

Once the project is completed your "as built" technical drawings and full scope of the project must be sent to the Property Asset Records team at:

If you require any technical advice or support throughout the project please contact the Capital Delivery Team in Estates & Facilities via the Property Helpdesk:

Should you have any queries regarding planning, visit the Planning section or email:

The council strongly supports actions that sustainably reduce schools’ energy consumption, utility costs and carbon emissions.

Energy contracts

For advice on the council's energy contract offer to schools please contact the NCC Energy and Carbon Management Team:

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

For advice on how we can help schools reduce energy bills and consumption through energy efficiency and renewable energy, please contact the NCC Energy and Carbon Management Team on

Monitoring energy usage

All schools on the council's energy contracts are expected to submit energy and water meter readings monthly to our online database, Systems Link Energy Manager.

For details and support, please contact the Property Services Energy Team on:

Renewable energy offers from third parties

Schools may be approached by third parties with offers of "free" renewable electricity installations such as solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity panels. Any such offers should be assessed critically, especially where the installer retains ownership of the installation.

Property Asset Management has produced guidance on the possible risks and benefits of these offers, which schools are strongly advised to read when considering any such offer. For schools where NCC is the landlord, this guidance is a statement of policy.

Feed-In Tariffs have been subject to significant change in recent years. For the latest information see the following websites:

Display energy certificates

  • The occupants of public buildings over a certain size must display an annual “Display Energy Certificate” (DEC) showing their building’s energy use. 
  • These buildings must also have Advisory Reports on reducing energy consumption, valid for seven years.
  • Currently all buildings over 250 m2 must have a certificate. Buildings over 250 m2 but under 1000 m2 gross internal area (GIA) only need a new certificate every 10 years, but larger buildings (over 1000m2) need a new one every year. 
  • Failure to comply can lead to a fine.
  • To obtain a DEC, schools need to appoint an accredited energy assessor - see Energy Performance Register website. The assessor will require information including energy use over a 12 month period, building plans and floor areas.
  • Guide to Display Energy Certificates and advisory reports for public buildings - DCLG website

Further information

Energy management support for schools is provided jointly by the council's Energy and Carbon Management Team (contracts, carbon reporting, energy saving investments) and the Property Services Energy Team (energy invoices and usage monitoring).

As the local authority, we act as landlords and it is our responsibility to be able to produce key holder information to the emergency services, and other third parties in exceptional circumstances, should they need to access your premises out of normal operational hours.

Why do we need this information?

We need this information to prevent any invasive action, which could result in a costly repair, being taken by the emergency services if they need to gain access to your premises for any reason eg arson, flooding, criminal intent.

Keeping your information up to date

Please ensure your out of hours contact details are correct - see Contacting Schools in an Emergency 

All information is treated in confidence and used with complete discretion.