Managed moves

​A managed move is a formal agreement between a child, their parents or carers and two schools. It allows a child to have a trial transfer to another school.

Why use a managed move?

A managed move should be considered as part of a measured response to supporting the child’s emotional, social and behavioural needs. It is likely to be a strategy considered in later stages of a pastoral support plan where there has been little or no evidence of success in the current school.

When is a managed move not used?

A managed move is not appropriate when:

  • a parent is seeking a straightforward transfer to another school
  • the child is not on a school roll
  • the child would be unable to return to the home school if the placement is unsuccessful

Managed moves process

Please refer to the full guidance below before requesting a managed move.

You can find an overview of the process below:

Before requesting a managed move

Prior to requesting a managed move, the headteacher should be satisfied all reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the pupil’s difficulties in school.

The head teacher must then consult the parents and the pupil about their views on a move to another school at a review meeting as part of the pupil's current pastoral support programme. 

If parents agree that a managed move is appropriate, and written consent is obtained, they will be asked to express a preference for an alternative school. Parents must, however, be informed that a request for a managed move may not always be accepted and also that any transport requirements are the responsibility of the home school and the parent.

When a receiving school has been identified and the parents have agreed, information will be shared with the potential receiving school. A meeting will then be arranged as soon as possible at the receiving school (good practice would be within 2 weeks) to agree whether to proceed with the managed move.

When a managed move has been agreed

A member of the proposed school staff will normally meet the child regularly to review their progress towards the managed move targets. This gives the child the chance to identify what has gone well and how to replicate success.

During the managed move the proposed school will also provide the home school with a weekly record of the child’s attendance.

End of managed move period

At the final review meeting, a decision must be made as to whether the pupil transfers permanently to the receiving school or returns to the original school (preferably during the 6th week if successful but no later than 12 school weeks from the start date).

On the agreed date, the pupil’s name must be deleted from the admission register of the original school and added to the admission register of the receiving school.

Admissions must be notified of a successful managed move, so that pupil numbers at each of the schools in question can be updated. The Educational Inclusion and Partnership Team must also be made aware of the successful managed move so that records can be updated.

Ending a managed move early

In exceptional circumstances (usually as a result of significant behaviour problems) the receiving school may wish to end the arrangement before the managed move is completed.

If so, the receiving school’s head teacher should consult with the original head teacher before confirming this in writing to the parents, specifying the date from which the pupil must return to the original school.