TaMHS Accreditation

​Meeting the criteria for the Northamptonshire TaMHS programme award (updated October 2021)

Ready to apply?

  1. Our school has developed provision in the school to enhance children's mental health
  2. Our school has a whole-school approach to meeting the mental health needs of children
  3. There are actions written into the current school development plan that focus on meeting children's mental health needs
  4. Accreditation has been discussed with senior management in school, with agreement to proceed and a named member of staff identified to prepare and submit application
  5. All groups (staff, governors, pupils, parents or carers and support agencies) have been made aware of the school's commitment to the TaMHS programme
  6. Bronze, silver or gold template in application form has been completed with accompanying evidence and is ready to be sent in

Please note:

  • Bronze and silver accreditation can be applied for at the same time
  • The earliest that gold accreditation can be applied for is in the term following the award of silver
  • If photographic or anonymised case-study evidence is provided, please ensure that permission is sought from staff and parents of children involved as such information may be used in overall TaMHS evaluation reports and publicity
  • Accreditation status lasts for 3 years from the date of the certificate issued

If your school is ready to apply for a TaMHS Accreditation award, please complete the application form below. There is also an example application which might be of use.

If you have any queries about the accreditation process or you have a completed application form to send in, please email us at tamhs.ncc@northnorthants.gov.uk.

Accredited schools - Roll of honour

Take a look at the Northamptonshire schools who have been accredited with our gold, silver and bronze awards in the document below.