Newly qualified teachers (NQT) induction service for schools and academies

Northamptonshire County Council is an appropriate body for the Induction of NQTs. The appropriate body, along with the head teacher or principal is jointly responsible for the monitoring, support and assessment of the NQT during induction and has the main quality assurance role.  

How much does it cost?

 The induction programme costs £240 year (£80 per team).

Please ensure you have read the Northamptonshire appropriate body terms and conditions before registering an NQT.

Northamptonshire County Council offers the following free services:

What services do we offer to schools?

Once you have registered your NQT Northamptonshire County Council offers the following services at no additional cost:

​This service enables schools and academies to fulfil the statutory requirements for the successful completion of the induction period through:

  • ongoing support and advice from the Northamptonshire County Council NQT team
  • access to NQT Manager Northamptonshire online system which enables the monitoring of NQT progress
  • provision of data to National College for Teaching and Leadership
  • support and guidance for NQTs

​Access to a quality assurance visit when an NQT is not meeting standards or a concern is raised.

This includes:

  • an initial telephone consultation regarding the NQT’s progress
  • a half day review meeting with the school/academy and the NQT (with a possible lesson observation)
  • discussions and support with writing a Support Plan
  • communications after the meeting about progress against the Support Plan
  • attendance at Progress Review meetings where required
  • meeting with NQT about possible options where progress is not made

Please note: The fast track service is only applicable to NQTs that meet the set criteria as per Section 3 (paragraphs 3.1 3.5) of the Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (England) Statutory Guidance – Revised December 2016.

This service enables schools and academies to apply for a reduction to their NQT’s induction period. It is targeted at NQTs who are judged to be consistently good or better and have significant teaching experience prior to starting induction.

The process includes:

  • an initial consultation regarding the NQT’s progress and their prior teaching experience
  • access to one half day assessment including:
    • a scrutiny of the evidence of progress against the Teachers’ Standards kept by the Induction Tutor and the NQT
    • a lesson observation
    • discussions with the NQT, NQT mentor or induction tutor, head teacher or principal
    • a scrutiny of pupil work and data

​Northamptonshire County Council will provide fully funded training for new and existing induction tutors, alongside their NQTs, in a welcome and induction meeting to be held in September 2017.

The training will cover the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the induction process, how to support NQTs effectively through their induction period and an insight into the new NQT Manager system for all using it.

How to register your NQT

You can register your NQT using NQT Manager, a secure online system that managed all aspects of the NQT induction period. It will allow you to register your NQTs and complete assessments online and out of school hours so you no longer need to fill out paper registration and assessment forms.

Everything that you need will be online, in one place. You can access your NQTs and assessments and have access to documents such as guidance notes, useful links and online videos.

  1. Login to the system (you will need to register the first time you log in)
  2. Select your local authority
Log in to NQT manager

NQTs continuing their induction period into 2017/2018

You may have a situation where you have an NQT who is:

  • continuing with you after the summer break
  • joining you from another school
  • joining from another local authority to continue their induction period
  • part-time, so their induction period is longer or they may have an extension

You will also need to register these NQT’s onto the online NQT Manager system.

Contact us​

Schools can raise a concern or ask a question about newly qualified teachers using the email address below: