Teaching schools

The Teaching Schools Alliance (TSA) is a group of lead schools or alliances of schools who have been nationally recognised for their leadership and high performance.

The TSA holds a key role in sharing good practice and offering training and support to our schools whether individually commissioned or as a whole on behalf of the local authority (LA).

They work across all school phases to improve practice. They engage with a number of universities to train new teachers and to identify new or develop future leaders, including governors.

The TSA will:

  • Meet with the local authority at least annually to agree the priorities and the programme of delivery for the coming year
  • Offer high quality training specifically aligned to the local authority’s priorities each year
  • Provide training and coaching and mentoring for teachers and NQTs
  • Provide professional development that is school-based and classroom focused – teachers, support staff and leaders improve through exposure to excellent practice within and beyond their immediate school, through observation, mentoring, coaching, practice, reflection and sharing with peers
  • Develop talent and distributed leadership – in schools they support so that staff demonstrating potential are encouraged to lead and are given structured and stretching opportunities to grow and develop

As well as offering training and support, teaching schools will identify and coordinate expertise in partner schools, using the best leaders and teachers to:

  • Play a role in recruiting and training new entrants to the profession (initial teacher training)
  • Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (continuing professional development)
  • Identify and develop leadership potential (succession planning and talent management)
  • Provide support for other schools
  • Designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
  • Engage in research and development activity

Teaching school alliances in Northamptonshire

Corby/ Kettering area

Wellingborough area

Daventry and South West area

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