Banking for schools

Manuals and guidance for system

Due to security concerns, Barclays have asked us to password protect all manuals and guidance relating to the system.

We will be contacting school bursars to provide the password shortly.

In the meantime, please contact File Download - Barclays Schools Servicing Team (PDF 158KB)Barclays Schools Servicing Team (PDF 158KB) if you require guidance on how to use your system or the Schools Team if you need the password sooner for the forms listed below.

Main account forms

Schools who wish to open a new Barclays main account should contact WNC or NNC Schools Finance who will provide further advice.

Any changes to Barclays main account signatures will only be accepted by the Bank on completion of the following mandate change form, which requires all bank officials and signatures to be restated and a hard copy original version submitted to WNC or NNC Schools Finance for processing:

Change of banking details

If you change your banking provider for any reason or your account details change (including schools who convert to academy status) you will need to notify us by completing the following form:

Without this notification we will not be able to guarantee payment of cash advances into the correct account or NCC direct debits being processed correctly.

Private account forms

Action required on FMS6 when changing bank accounts internet banking

The instructions for setting up software and procedures to be followed for internet banking including invoice processing are as follows:

Schools who wish to amend their banking officials for are required to return the individuals Barclays PIN card no longer required to LGSS Schools Finance and submit an updated form (as below) to nominate their online banking officials to

File Download - Request Form (Excel 20KB) Request Form (Excel 20KB) internet banking- West Northamptonshire Schools

File Download - WNC User Request Form (Excel 33KB)WNC User Request Form (Excel 33KB)

Once you have completed your form with the necessary changes please email to:

Support for

If the problem is related to loading the BACs file created by SIMS, then please contact the FMS6 Helpdesk; if it relates to then contact the Helpdesk.

Barclays contacts

Barclays has updated its servicing model for schools. Any queries in regards to WNC or NNC schools will now be serviced by the Barclays Schools Servicing Team.

  • The Barclays Schools Servicing Team are available 8am to 7pm every weekday.
  • The Barclays Schools Servicing Team consists of several members - if one is occupied, one of the other dedicated staff can assist.