Determined School Admission Arrangements for September 2022 intakes

All admission authorities must determine their admission arrangements every year, even if they have not changed from the previous year. As the admission authority for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in the county, Northamptonshire County Council has now determined admissions policies for all its schools for 2022 intakes and details of how to access these can be found below.

School admission arrangements consultation and determination timetable

The table below shows the timetable for the 2020 to 2021 consultation and determination of school admission arrangements for 2022 intakes.

​Email from the local authority to schools asking if any changes are proposed  September 2020
Consultation period (see School Admissions Code 1.42 to 1.45)​9 November to 20 December 2020
​Admission authorities determine (formally agree) their schools' admission arrangements​By 28 February 2021
​Own admission authority (OAA) schools to send determined admission arrangements to the local authority​By 15 March 2021
​Objections to the Schools AdjudicatorBy ​15 May 2021
​All schools to have provided the local authority with up to date information for inclusion in composite prospectuses ​By July 2021
​Local authority to publish composite prospectuses (primary and secondary)​By 12 September 2021

Determined school admission arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools for 2022 intakes

See details of the determined admission arrangements for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in Northamptonshire:

Determined school admission arrangements for 2022 intakes for schools with other admission authorities

The school's governing body is the admission authority for Foundation and Voluntary Aided schools, whilst the admission authority for Academies, Free schools and UTCs is their Academy Trust. The determined admission arrangements for these schools, for which Northamptonshire County Council is not the admission authority, can be found on the schools' own websites.

Northamptonshire's coordinated admission schemes for 2022 intakes 

All local authorities must publish a scheme to coordinate admission arrangements for schools within their area. This applies to all schools, regardless of who their admission authority is. See details of Northamptonshire's coordinated schemes for 2022:

Objections to the Schools Adjudicator

Objections to the Schools Adjudicator regarding the admission arrangements determined by a school can be made until 15 May 2022.

The contact details for the Schools Adjudicator are as follows:

Office of the Schools Adjudicator
Bishopsgate House