Secondary school place offers - September 2021

How will I find out which school my child has been allocated?

All parents who applied for their child's secondary school place by the deadline of 31 October 2020 will receive an offer of a school place for their child in one of two ways:

  • If the application was submitted online, the child’s allocated school place will be sent via email on 1 March 2021 to the email address used to apply.
  • If the application was submitted using a paper form, the child's allocated school place will be sent via a letter posted on 1 March 2021.

What happens after I receive the offer of a secondary school place for my child?

If you are accepting the place offered and:

  • the school is within Northamptonshire - we will assume you have accepted this offer unless you let us know that it is no longer required.
  • the school is situated outside of Northamptonshire - you should contact the school directly to check whether you need to formally accept the place for your child.

If you have made alternative arrangements for your child's schooling please let us know as soon as possible that the place is no longer required by e mailing

What are my options if I am not happy with my child's secondary school allocation?

For a small number of families we regret that we have been unable to offer your child a place at your preferred school.  The following document explains how places were allocated at each secondary school (where the local authority has this information): 

There are three options available to you:

​You can add your child's name to a waiting list for any school you have been refused a place at. You must have applied for this school on your original application.

You can either:

Please do not call us - you will be told to put your request in writing.

On all correspondence you must include your child's name and date of birth otherwise it will cause a delay in your request being processed.

For schools with foundation, voluntary aided or academy status your request will be forwarded to the school as they hold their own waiting lists.

What happens if a place becomes available at my preferred school?

Any places that become available at community or voluntary controlled schools after the first round of allocations (1 March 2021) or places that still remain will be reallocated on a monthly basis within the additional rounds of allocation taking place between April and July 2021.

All those on the waiting list, those who have submitted late applications and those who have requested an appeal will be considered against the oversubscription criteria for the school.

If you have been successful in gaining a place, you will be notified in writing. You do not need to contact us on these dates.

How long will my child's name stay on the waiting list?

Waiting lists for community and voluntary controlled schools are kept for one school term only. Names placed on a waiting list between March and September 2021 will be removed in December 2021 unless you contact us to renew your request for the spring term.

Some foundation, voluntary aided and academy schools hold their own waiting lists. You should check with the school directly for their waiting list policy.

To find out which schools have places available download the PDF document above.

How do I apply?

If you wish to be considered for a place at a school which still has places available, you will need to make a new application.

Find out how to apply

Making changes to your application

If you have already received a school offer and choose to submit an additional application, we will not contact you before processing the application. Any new school place will automatically be allocated and any original school place will be reallocated.

Should you wish to withdraw an unprocessed application prior to a reallocation round, please email to advise this, providing your child's full name, date of birth and details of the application you wish to withdraw.

How will these places be allocated?

Any available places will be reallocated on a monthly basis within the additional rounds of allocation taking place between April and July 2021.

Places are not allocated on a first come - first served basis.

If there are more requests than there are places available, these will be allocated using the school’s oversubscription admission criteria. Therefore there is no guarantee that a place will be allocated. You should not decline your existing offer of a place on this basis.

When will I hear?

The allocation process can take several weeks, depending on how many applications are received.

There is no need to contact us after completing the form - we will contact you once a decision has been made.

You have the right to appeal against the decision not to offer your child a place at any of the schools where your child has been refused a place. If you choose to appeal you will need to complete an online appeal form, or request a paper appeal form in writing to the Admissions Authority of the relevant school (see below). You may appeal for a place at more than one school but you must have applied for and been refused a place at the school in the first instance.

​To appeal for:
​Bishop Stopford School

To request an appeal form please write to:

Clerk to the Appeals Panel, Diocesan Board of Education, Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7YD

or email:

Brooke Weston Academy
Caroline Chisholm School
Corby Business Academy
Corby Technical School
Danetre & Southbrook Learning Village
Kettering Science Academy
Northampton School for Boys
Rushden Community College (The)
Sir Christopher Hatton School 

Southfield School for Girls
The Parker E-Act Academy
Thomas Becket Catholic School
Weavers School
Weston Favell Academy
Wrenn School

Contact the school directly for an appeal form.

School contact details and addresses can be found on the Online Schools Directory
​All other secondary schools in Northamptonshire

​Complete the online appeal form or request a paper form:

School Admissions, Northamptonshire County Council, Angel Street, Northampton, NN1 1ED

or email:

​Secondary schools outside of Northamptonshire

​To request an appeal form you need to contact the admission authority for the school.

You will find contact details for Admissions Teams in neighbouring authorities in the following document:

I have submitted a late application, when will I find out which school my child has been allocated?

Late applications are applications received after 5pm on 31 October 2020 and are dealt with in rounds. Each round has a cut off for applications to be included in it. The allocation process can take a number of weeks, depending on how many applications are received.

Emails will be sent to all late applicants who apply online. We will only inform parents of children on a waiting list if we are able to offer a place. Otherwise, their child's name will remain on the waiting list for the next round.

There is no need to contact us after completing a late application form, or on the process start date - we will contact you once an offer has been made.

​Allocation round Applications received by Process start date (please note, it can take up to 4 weeks to process and send offers to parents)
Round 12 April 2021, 5pm19 April 2021
Round 214 May 2021, 5pm1 June 2021
Round 325 June 2021, 5pm2 July 2021

Applications received after 25 June 2021 will be processed according to our in year policy from the end of July 2021.