Home to school transport update: Covid-19 arrangements

Updated 8 September 2020 - ​The current Covid-19 situation has had a significant impact on the way we deliver our transport to schools particularly with regard to social distancing measures alongside ensuring that the health and safety of both the children we transport, their families and the staff is met.

We are continuing to work in partnership with our schools to ensure safe transport is put in place for September and that any measures are co-ordinated with those being implemented by the school. This will help minimise the risk of transmission and will provide some level of consistency for children which is very important at this time.

We have been planning home to school transport in accordance with the principles that we set out on 17 August following the issuing of government advice on 11 August. The principles we were attempting to adopt were those of best practice, however government advice does allow for home to school transport to be provided without social distancing if necessary.

We have now sourced sufficient vehicles and contracts to allow for the social distancing as per our transport planning principles below to be implemented on all routes. We will be updating this page between now and Sunday morning with information concerning any routes and pick up times that have changed as a result of this work. We have achieved the additional capacity by sourcing larger vehicles, sourcing additional vehicles and as a last resort agreeing with schools to carry out two runs along the same route with the same vehicle (double runs).

In the case of the first 2 solutions students need only to arrive at their pick up points as normal or in the case of new students as per the instructions they have already received. Where we have sourced additional vehicles each vehicle will clearly display the year groups that should board the vehicle and both vehicles will run along the route at the normal time.

In the case of routes where we are using double runs to achieve our aimed social distancing we will publish revised timetables below that will detail the school, the route number, the pickup locations and the time for pickup by year group. We would ask parents to ensure that students do not arrive at the pickup point more than 10 minutes before the bus is due to depart - this will keep the students on the different runs segregated.

Should parents of students on these routes prefer to transport their children to school themselves, the council does offer a scheme where parents can claim a mileage rate of 45p per mile, paid half termly in arrears on receipt of a validated claim form. Parents who wish to take up this options will need to contact the council via academictransport@northamptonshire.gov.uk and will be asked to return their children’s bus pass and the list provided to our operators will be updated to reflect this decision.

Affected bus services

If your child is due to travel on any of the following bus services and is in one of the year groups listed, please refer to the further attachment at the end of the table below which provide the revised service timetable. Please note that there are no changes to the proposed pick up locations.

If your child’s bus service is not listed below or they are not in the relevant year group, then your child should go to their normal stop at their normal time to be picked up.

​School​Route​Year groups affected​From pick up point​New route number
​Campion School​N41​Year 9​All​N41SD
​Campion School​N302B​Year 9​All​N302B SD
​Campion School​N302C​All year groups​All​N/A
​Corby Business Academy​CK42​9​AllCK42SD/CK46SD/CK47SD/CK56SD​
​Corby Business Academy​CK46A​7​All​CK42SD/CK46SD/CK47SD/CK56SD
​Corby Business Academy​CK47​7​All​CK42SD/CK46SD/CK47SD/CK56SD
​Corby Business Academy​CK56​12​All​CK42SD/CK46SD/CK47SD/CK56SD
​Corby Business Academy​CK56A​8 + their siblings​All​CK56ASD/CK207SD
​Corby Business Academy​CK207​11​All​CK56ASD/CK207SD
​Guilsborough Academy​DG22A​All​Long Buckby, Infant School added from DG22A​DG22A SD
​Guilsborough Academy​DG22B​AllBuckby Wharf added from DG22D & Long Buckby, Infant School moved onto DG22A​DG22B SD
​Guilsborough Academy​DG22D​All​Buckby Wharf moved onto DG22B​DG22D SD
​Moulton School & Science College​N8​7 and 10​All​N8 SD
​Moulton School & Science College​N6A​7​All​N6ABC SD
​Moulton School & Science College​N6B​10 and 11​All​N6ABC SD
​Moulton School & Science College​N6C​11​All​N6ABC SD
​Prince William School​MO5000​11​All​MO5000 SD
​Prince William School​OT28​11​All​OT28 SD
​Prince William School​OT29B​9​All​OT29B SD
​Prince William School​OT36​9​All​OT36 SD
​Sponne School​RT11A​7​Whittlebury​RT11B SD Early Run
​Sponne School​RT11B​7,12 and 13​Silverstone​RT11B SD Early Run
​Sponne School​RT11D​All​All​RT11D SD Earlier starting time
​Sponne School​RT11E​8 and 10​Silverstone​RT11E SD
​Wollaston School​W4​All​Great Houghton, Little Houghton, Brafield, Castle Ashby​W4 SD
​Wollaston School​W6All​​Denton, Yardley Hastings​W6 SD
​Wollaston School​W8​11, 12 and 13​All​W8 SD
​Wollaston School​W12​7​All​W12 SD
​Wollaston School​W12C​8 and 9​All​W12C SD/W12D SD
​Wollaston School​W12D​10​All​W12C SD/W12D SD
​Wollaston School​W100A​10​All​W100ABC SD
​Wollaston School​W100B​11​All​W100ABC SD
​Wollaston School​W100C​10​All​W100ABC SD
​Wollaston School​MW5008​AllEaston Maudit​MW8005 SD

 School transport planning principles

In accordance with this guidance, the council has adopted the following principles when planning school transport for September and where possible transport will be provided such that:

  1. Year group bubbles and minimum distancing between bubbles of 1m to apply to all mass transport. This includes bus, coach and vehicles with capacity in excess of 16 passenger seats. This will mean that we will be able to utilise between 70-80% of the vehicle’s capacity.
  2. For all other vehicles which include taxis and minibuses up to 16 passenger seats, transport will be planned without bubbles and without social distancing. The students assigned to these routes will remain constant and we will not mix students from other schools on the same route.
  3. Where parents or guardians wish to continue to transport their children themselves then the alternative option of a mileage allowance will be available. This will be at the standard HMRC rate of 45 pence per mile for the first 10,000 miles.
  4. Face coverings will be encouraged for all students (scarf/face mask or similar) however this will not be compulsory and does not apply to those who are exempt.
  5. Allocated seating/area for each social bubble will be displayed on the vehicle.
  6. Active Travel is important for health, wellbeing and increasing independence, and students are encouraged to walk and cycle where this is feasible.

Code of conduct

Applications for school transport

Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately not able to consider any late Post-16 and non-entitled applications that were received after the deadline which was the third Friday in May. We will seek to consider these applications as soon as possible and this may mean that in some cases applications may not be processed until the October half term.

We will of course process these late applications in order of the date they were submitted however in the meantime we are advising parents to put in place alternative arrangements until such time as we can confirm transport is available.

How to contact us

The demand on our service is significant and we therefore ask parents to be mindful of this and appreciate that we may not always be able to respond in our normal timescales and that there may be occasions when our telephone lines will be overwhelmed.

If you need to contact us about any queries regarding transport, these should be directed to either of the following:

SEN Transport: sentransport@northamptonshire.gov.uk
Mainstream Transport: schooltransport@northamptonshire.gov.uk