Kingswood Secondary Academy

Gainsborough Road
NN18 9NS

The Kingswood Secondary Academy will first accept all pupils with a statutory right to a place through an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) naming the Academy

Oversubscription criteria

After the admission of the pupils above, criteria will be applied for the remaining places in the order in which they are set out below:

  1. Looked after children and all previously looked after children
  2. Children who live in Cottingham, Middleton, Rockingham and East Carlton
  3. Children who will have an older sibling continuing at the Kingswood Secondary Academy at the time of admission of the younger child
  4. Children who live closer to the Kingswood Secondary Academy than any other school
  5. Other children.

In the event of over-subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be given to those who live closest to the school.

Definition of Siblings and the position of twins

Siblings are defined as children who live as brother or sister in the same house, including natural brothers or sisters, adopted siblings, stepbrothers or sisters and foster brothers and sisters or another child normally living for the majority of term time in the same household, where an adult in the household has parental responsibility as defined by the Children Act 1989, or any child in the household where an adult in the household is defined as a parent for the purposes of Section 576 of the Education Act 1996. This could include a person who is not a parent but who has responsibility for him/her.

In the case of twins or other siblings from a multiple birth, where there is only one place available in the Academy, these will be considered together as one application. The Academy’s admission number may be exceeded by one.
In the case of siblings in the same year group, where there is only one place available in the Academy, both will be considered together as one application. The Academy may go above its admission number as necessary to admit all the children.

Distance measurements

Distances will be measured on a straight line basis from the child’s home to the address point of the school using a geographical information system (GIS).

Where two applications cannot otherwise be separated, for example when two distances are equal or 2 or more children’s home addresses have the same address point (e.g. in a block of flats), random allocation will be used to decide which child should be allocated the place.