Thomas Becket Catholic School admissions information

​Thomas Becket Catholic School, Becket Way, Kettering Road North, Northampton NN3 6HT

Oversubscription criteria

Children with an education, health and care plan in which the school is named will be admitted according to the regulations and the policy of the local authority. It is presumed that any parent or guardian applying for a school place is sympathetic to the Catholic ethos of the school. The Governors will give priority to Catholic children. If there are more applications than places available, priority will be given as follows:

  1. 'Looked after children' or previously 'looked after children' who are baptised in the Catholic faith.
  2. Baptised Catholic children who have a brother or sister in the school at the time of admission.
  3. Baptised Catholic children whose family are practising Catholics and whose application is supported by the Clergy of their parish.
  4. Other Catholic children.
  5. Other 'looked after children' or previously 'looked after children'.
  6. All other children who have a brother or sister in the school at the time of admission.
  7. Children of families of other Christian denominations whose application is accompanied by a statement that the applicant is “a known and practising member of the congregation” and is supported by their Minister of religion.
  8. Children of staff.
  9. All other children whose parents or guardians wish their child to receive a Christian education.


If the admission number is exceeded within any of these criteria priority will be given to those who live nearest to the school. Distances are measured from their home address to the nearest access gate to the school grounds. Measurements are made on a straight line basis, using a geographical information system in accord with the local authority’s admission procedures. The local authority’s computerised measuring system will be used in these cases.


Baptised Catholic means children who have been baptised as Catholics, or have been formally received into the Catholic Church. All applicants seeking admission under this criteria will be asked to provide evidence that the child has been baptised as a Catholic or has been received into the Catholic Church. A baptismal certificate or a letter from their Parish Clergy confirming priest confirming their baptism or year 7 into the Catholic Church will be required.

Children of staff will be admitted where either the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years when the application is made, or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

Christian means a member of a church which is part of Churches Together in England. A list of these Churches is available from the school office.