Southfield School for Girls: admissions information

​Southfield School for Girls, Lewis Road, Kettering, Northants NN15 6HE

Oversubscription criteria

Pupils with an EHC Plan which names the school as appropriate provision will be admitted regardless of the number of applications received.

In the event of applications exceeding available places, the following criteria are used to determine successful applications:

  1. Children in public care (Looked After Children) or previously in public care (previously Looked After Children).
  2. Those girls who have a sibling attending the school at the time of application and who will be continuing at the school for the next academic year.
  3. Those girls who have a parent who is a member of staff at Southfield School.
  4. Up to a maximum of 30% of intake places will be allocated to girls living outside the boundaries of the Kettering Schools Area, with the closest having priority.
  5. The remaining places will be allocated to girls living within the boundaries of the Kettering Schools Area, with the closest having preference.


  1. In the event of oversubscription within criterion 1, 2 or 3 places will be allocated on the basis of proximity with those living closest having priority. Distances are measured using NCC GIS.
  2. Sibling refers to:
    • a sister or brother sharing the same parents
    • a half-sister or half-brother where two children share one parent
    • a step-sister or step-brother where two children are related by a parent’s marriage or  partnership
    • adopted children
    • a brother or sister must be living at the same address at the time the application is made
  3. The figure of 30% in criterion 4 will include children allocated a place under criteria 1, 2 and 3 and those with a an EHC Plan.
  4. Any places remaining after allocation under criterion 4 will be included in the allocation of places under criterion 5.
  5. Should there be insufficient applications remaining under criterion 5 to reach the admission number of 168, any remaining places will be allocated to previously unsuccessful applicants under criterion 4 from outside the Kettering Schools Area, with the closest having priority.
  6. Where a child lives between two parents, the qualifying address will be where the child sleeps the majority of the school week.
  7. Distance will be measured on a straight line basis from the school to the home address using a geographical information system.
  8. The ‘Kettering Schools area’ means the town of Kettering and the associated towns and villages for Kettering Secondary Schools and Montsaye Academy. The associated towns and villages are:
    • Arthingworth, Ashley, Barford, Barton Seagrave, Brampton Ash, Braybrooke, Broughton, Burton Latimer, Cranford, Cransley, Desborough, Dingley, Draughton, Faxton, Finedon Sidings (Isham Parish), Geddington, Glendon, Grafton Underwood, Hanging Houghton, Harrington, Isham, Lamport, Little Oakley, Loddington, Maidwell, Mawsley, Newton-in-the-Willows, Orton, Pipewell, Pytchley, Rothwell, Rushton, Slipton, Stoke Albany, Sutton Bassett, Thorpe Malsor, Thorpe Underwood, Twywell, Warkton, Weekly, Weston-by-Welland and Wilbarston.
  9. Under criterion 3, the member of staff must have worked at the school for a minimum of 2 years at the time of application.