Malcolm Arnold Academy admissions information

​Malcolm Arnold Academy, Trinity Avenue, Northampton NN2 6JW

Oversubscription criteria

In the event of oversubscription, the Academy Trust will allocate places first to students who have a statement of special educational need or an EHC plan which names the Academy. The remaining places will be allocated using the following criteria in descending order:

  1. Children in public care or previously in public care.
  2. Group A - Up to 120 places allocated to those expressing a preference for admission under faith grounds (as defined below), such places being awarded using the following sub criteria in descending order:
    • Applicants who have demonstrated the required religious allegiance (as certified in a satisfactorily completed Form AR/2) to the Church of England or any other church that is a member of Churches Together in England and the student is currently attending a designated link school. These following schools are defined as designated linked schools: All Saints CEVA Primary School; Collingtree CEVA Primary School; St Andrew’s CEVA Primary School; St James’ CEVA Primary School; St Luke’s CEVA Primary School; Weston Favell CEVA Primary School.
    • Other applicants who have demonstrated the required religious allegiance (as certified in a satisfactorily completed Form SIF/B) to the Church of England or any other church that is a member of Churches Together in England.
    • Applicants who have demonstrated the required religious allegiance (as certified in a satisfactorily completed Form SIF/B) to another faith, which is represented on the Interfaith Network for the UK.  
  3. Group B - Up to 24 students who display an aptitude for learning music. A child with aptitude is one who is identified as being able to benefit from the teaching in music, or who demonstrates a particular capacity to succeed in this subject. Admission of students on the basis of musical aptitude will be subject to completion by the applicant student’s parent of the Academy’s form SIF/3 and a musical ability test. Form SIF/3 must be completed and returned to the Academy by 4pm on the final Friday before the Academy’s October half term.
  4. Group C - Remaining places are allocated on Community Grounds as follows with the remaining places being awarded using the following categories in descending order:  
    • Admission of students whose siblings currently attend the Academy and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. 
    • Admission of students currently attending a named feeder school. The named feeder schools of Malcolm Arnold Academy are: Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School, Briar Hill Primary School. Cedar Road Primary School, Eastfield Academy, Kings Heath Primary School, The Arbours Primary Academy, Newnham Primary School, Abbey CE Academy, Falconer’s Hill Junior School, Welton CE Academy.
    • Children of staff where that member has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and / or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage in the area.
    • Admission of students where the student and / or their parent are resident in the Borough of Northampton.
    • Admission of other students resident elsewhere.

Allocation of places up to PAN

If there are more applicants that meet a given criterion or sub-criterion above, than there are remaining places available, excluding criterion 1 ‘Looked after children and previously looked after children’, distance from the child’s permanent home address point to the Academy address point will be used to determine which children are admitted. Those children living nearest to the Academy will be given preference. The distance will be measured using the NCC’s computerised measuring system.


If two or more children live the same distance from the Academy and there is only one place available random allocation will be used to decide which child is admitted.

Definitions relating to group A – ‘Faith grounds’

‘Religious allegiance’ is demonstrated and defined as at least one of the parents or guardians of the child being regarded by the priest, minister, or worship leader as part of the worshipping community at the church or worship centre. This would not necessarily mean that the parent or child is a ‘member’ in a technical sense (e.g. through baptism, confirmation or electoral roll) but would imply a pattern of attendance at worship (on Sunday or at other times) that is more than ‘occasional’ and has been sustained for more than a short, very recent period of time.

Definitions relating to group C – ‘Community grounds’

The definition of a brother or sister referred to as a 'sibling' is as follows:

  • a brother or sister sharing the same parents
  • a half-brother or half-sister where 2 children share one common parent
  • a step-brother or step sister, where two children are related by a parent’s marriage or partnership
  • adopted children

Note: A brother or sister must be living at the same address when the application is made.

The Borough of Northampton consists of the following Council ward districts:

  • Abington, Billing, Boughton Green, Castle, Delapre, East Hunsbury, Eastfield, Ecton Brook, Headlands, Kingsley, Kingsthorpe, Lumbertubs, Nene Valley, New Duston, Old Duston, Parklands, Spencer, St James, St Crispin, St David’s, Thorplands, West Hunsbury and Weston.