Policies, guidance and useful links

Please find below copies of documents produced by the Virtual School, in addition to links to relevant websites and external policies and guides.

Guidance and useful links 

Which questionnaire do I need to complete?

Please use the correct, age appropriate form in the table below:

​To be completed by:Age of child or young person ​Online questionnaire to complete
​Parents or carers​2 to 4 (Early years setting) Carer and parental questionnaire 2 to 4
​Parents or carers​4 to 17Carer and parental questionnaire 4 to 17
​Designated person​2 to 4 (Early years setting) ​Educational questionnaire 2 to 4
​Teacher​4 to 17Educational questionnaire 4 to 17
​Young person​11 to 17Young person self-assessment