PEPs - Post-16

​This page provides information on the PEP process for post-16 young people, including user guides, resources and statutory guidance.

​The post-16 PEP emphasises the importance of the PEP at post-16 informing the Pathway Plan. The post-16 PEP does this by focussing on two key areas, progress in education or training and transition in to education, training or employment after the current course of study.

The PEP makes the recording of apprenticeship and employment easier, and helps to stimulate and record plans to support young people who are not positively engaged in education, training or employment.

When is a PEP needed?

A PEP will need to be carried out or reviewed:

  • When a child is received into care (the initial PEP should be carried out within 20 days of the young person entering care).
  • If there are any developing or significant concerns regarding the young person's education.
  • At least once during the following PEP windows.

Post-16 PEP windows are different to early years and statutory school age PEPs.

​PEP​Window opens​Applicable to
​First PEP​End of October half-term until the end of January​Social worker, young person, carer, designated person.
​Second PEP​End of February half-term until the end of June​Social worker, young person, carer, designated person.
​Progression review PEP​Last week of July and the first week of August​Between the Virtual School officer and the children's social care team manager

How do I record the young person's views?

The young person's views should be facilitated by the designated person or social worker using the 'Signs of Safety' model. The young person's views can be recorded in any form, and should be uploaded to the ePEP through the 'Young Person's Views Prior to the Meeting' page in Section C of the ePEP. Makaton questions are also available on this page.

How do I record the carers' views?

Please capture any views the carer makes within the discussion mapping section of the ePEP.

How do I complete a PEP?

All PEPs for children in care to Northamptonshire will need to be undertaken using the ePEP system. Day-to-day administrative ePEP support is provided by the Virtual School team.

Access the ePEP system 

Support completing a PEP

The Post-16 PEP is designed to inform a young person's Pathway Plan and differs in many respects from the statutory school age PEP. Please see the guidance and flow charts below for further information:

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