PEPs - Statutory school age

​This page provides information on the PEP process for young people of statutory school age, including user guides, resources and statutory guidance.

When is a PEP needed?

​A PEP will need to be carried out or reviewed:

  • When a child is received into care (the initial PEP should be carried out within 20 days of the young person entering care).
  • At least once per term (a 'term' refers to the autumn, spring, and summer terms of the academic year).
  • If there are any developing or significant concerns regarding the young person's education.

How do I record children's views?

The Virtual School is not prescriptive about the mechanisms used to gather a young person’s views; please feel free to use the templates provided, or any other form which you feel can best capture the young person’s views.

The child’s views should be gathered prior to the PEP meeting, and inform discussions and planning.

The Virtual School has created three templates which can be used to gather the young person's views. PDF and Word copies of these templates can be found in the 'Child or Young Person's Views Prior to the Meeting' page on ePEP, and by the following links.

How do I record the carers' views?

Please capture any views the carer makes within the discussion mapping section of the ePEP.

How do I complete a PEP?

All PEPs for children in care to Northamptonshire will need to be undertaken using the ePEP system. Day-to-day administrative ePEP support is provided by the Virtual School team.

Access the ePEP system

Support completing a PEP

The guides below provide information and guidance on using the ePEP system, and the responsibilities of key professionals:

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