Support for Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

​How do I request involvement of the educational psychology service?

Educational psychologists have specialist skills in working directly with children and training in child development.

An Educational Psychologist can bring further insight into:

  • the way that a child’s development may have been affected by factors present in a neglectful and / or abusive environment
  • the manner in which a child’s behaviour and / or learning might be affected by difficulties with attachment and with the experience of trauma
  • the manner in which social interactions (including teaching) within the child’s environment, may be constructed in a way that will help support the child’s recovery from the negative experiences of his or her past

Education settings can refer to their link Education Psychologist or via their area Education Psychologist for any child who would benefit from this support.

How do I request involvement of the Education Inclusion Officer for Mental Health?

The Education Inclusion Officer for Mental Health also provides support for schools and young people. The document below provides more information on the type of support that is provided:

 When and how to request support

Complete and return the document below to request support:

Targeted mental health in school support

The Virtual School also work with the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) team to build capacity in schools, promote positive mental health and support the mental health needs of all children, but especially the needs of children in care. This will be achieved through:

  • consultation
  • signposting to resources and other organisations
  • modelling the use of interventions
  • providing training through TaMHS

Looked After Children Mental Health Team

The Looked After Children Mental Health Team is part of the Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. They help to support the health and wellbeing of children in care up to the age of 18. This service is separate to other Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CaMHS).

To refer to this service you should use the Children and Young People's Referral Management Centre online form which can be accessed through the Referral Management Centre

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