Voice Ability

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Advice And Support
400 Pavilion Drive, Victory House, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN4 7PA
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02033 558846
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Total Voice Northampton provides free, independent and confidential advocacy services for eligible children, young carers or child carers as they move from children’s services into adult social care services.

Advocates are there to:
- Support you to understand the assessment process and information about your rights
- Help you to tell professionals about your own views, wishes and preferences
- Support you to complain about or challenge decisions that are being made and you do not agree with them, or do so on your behalf where necessary

Children and young adults moving into adult services may be legally entitled to independent advocacy if, without support, they are unable to understand information about their transition or care needs assessment, will find it very hard to weigh-up information or retain information for long enough to be fully involved and make decisions or, has substantial difficulty communicating their own views and preferences and they do not have anyone appropriate to support their involvement in this transition process.

Local authorities have a duty to complete transition assessments for children, children’s carers and young carers where there is a likely need for care and support after the child in question turns 18 and a transition assessment would be of ‘significant benefit’ to the person involved. It is the decision of the local authority to decide whether a person is an appropriate individual to support a child or young person to be involved in their transition assessment. For more information, please visit www.voiceability.org and search for services in Northamptonshire or call 02033 55 88 46.
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18 years - 99 years
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  • Self Referral
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