Gayna Brown School Of Dancing - Rushden

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Gayna Brown School Of Dancing - Rushden

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Groups, Clubs And Activities
Queen Street, Ind. Wesleyan Church Hall, Rushden, NN10 6RX
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01604 405389
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07909 966695
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Gayna Brown established the School of Dance and Drama over 30 years ago and continues to teach pupils from the age of 2½ to adult in all disciplines from ballet, tap, modern, jazz and choreography. Over the years Gayna Brown has taught many dancers from complete novices who have been developed into professional dancers.
Former pupils have performed in West End musicals, joined professional ballet and contemporary companies or even continued into careers in teaching. Many pupils join as a means of keeping fit and healthy, improving posture, balance and co-ordination or even as a social experience.
Pupils are given the opportunity to further their experience through exams, shows, festivals and workshops as part of the school calendar. Pupils are trained for exams from pre-primary through to advanced. Pupils are encouraged to reach their potential with the enjoyment of dance being paramount. Gayna Brown is fully qualified with both R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) and I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Teachers Certificates. All visiting teachers are also fully qualified.
All classes are offered to both boys and girls .
Baby classes are available for children from 2½ to 4 years and are designed to give children an opportunity to grasp the basics of ballet. The lessons aim to develop children’s artistic capabilities through the incorporation of nursery rhymes, music and interpretation into lessons. The classes provide a relaxed introduction to the rudiments of dance and endeavour to increase the children’s social awareness with group work. Additionally, the sessions also aim to develop self-confidence with the inclusion of partner and solo work.
Ballet is an academic form of dance with unique techniques and graceful, flowing precise movements that incorporate dance, mime, acting and music. Classes are available to children of the following ages:-

2½ - 4yrs Baby class
4-5yrs Pre-primary
6-7yrs Primary
7-9yrs Grade 1
Over 9yrs Grades 2-8

Modern dance is a contemporary, theatrical dance with fluid, balletic movements.
Modern is offered to children of the following ages:-

Modern dance
5-6yrs Primary
7-8yrs Grade 1
Over 9yrs Grades 2-6

Tap dance is a lively dance involving rhythmical patterns of foot movement and the extensive use of syncopation. Classes are offered to children of the following ages:-

4-6yrs Primary
5-7yrs Grade 1
Over 8yrs Grades 2-6

Jazz dance is typically reliant on originality and improvisation incorporating different styles and movements. Classes are offered to children of the following ages:-

7-11yrs Junior
Over 12yrs Senior

Choreography comprises dance composition and is the art of devising movement structures. Classes offer pupil’s an opportunity to develop their movement ideas into creative dances, and are available throughout the week.

Additionally, Adult Classes are available for ballet, modern and tap and present an excellent opportunity to meet new people, whilst increasing balance, elegance, co-ordination, strength and health and fitness. Classes are available throughout the week.
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2 years, 6 months - 99 years
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