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Our vision is a world in which children are more emotionally resilient and socially responsible – and their parents are more effective and confident in raising their children.

Our strategy to achieve this goal involves intensive training for three key groups of professionals:
•Family workers to run groups or work individually with parents in children’s centres, schools and other community settings.
•Trainee teachers to use Family Links techniques as part of their classroom management strategy.
•Teachers in primary schools to run the Family Links approach with their class of children.
Family Links enables these professionals to support parents and children by training them in applications of the Nurturing Programme, which was originally developed in the US by Dr Stephen Bavolek. We have developed a set of interventions and courses based on those principles and designed for use here with UK families and schools.
Our goal is to give more children the best chance in life by expanding the number of families we reach. As part of this, we are building a presence in more local authorities and training more practitioners. We are also training more trainee primary school teachers in classroom management and social and emotional support skills.

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0 - 99 years
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  • None (no Criteria For Eligibility)
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