Children's Rights

​If you are on a child protection plan, child in need plan or you have been or are in care, then the council has a responsibility to make sure your rights are respected and you are treated fairly.

The Children's Rights team make sure you receive help and advice face to face, over the phone or by letter. They can attend meetings with you, or help you get legal advice and support when you make a complaint.

How Children's Rights support you

Find out about the support offered by Children's Rights.

​An advocate is like a messenger who speaks for you on your behalf. They can support you to ensure your views and feelings are heard when decisions are being made about your life.

Your advocate can support you to:

  • ensure your views and feelings are heard when decisions are being made about your life
  • make a complaint, give information and advice about rights and attend meetings, reviews and assessments with you
  • talk to professionals if you feel a bit shy or unsure about what you want to say

Who can request an advocate?

If you have a Northamptonshire social worker or you are a care leaver, you can contact us to request an advocate.

Contact Children's Rights

To request an advocate use our online form:

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​An independent visitor is a volunteer who will spend time with just you on regular basis.

They are somebody that you go out with, to do fun things, have a chat, try new activities or just chill with.

Before you start to see your independent visitor, we will make sure they are good, safe people. We try to find someone who has lots in common with you such as hobbies and interests.

Who can have an independent visitor?

All young people in care have the right to an independent visitor.

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To request an independent visitor use our online form:

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Our pledge to young people in care and care leavers was set up in conjunction with the Children in Care Council.

The pledge is our promise to make sure you are as well cared for as any other child or young person. We will show the same commitment to making sure you are happy and well as we would for our own children at home, and we will continue to help you as you grow into young adulthood.

Each section of the pledge has a person allocated to making sure it is met and we will continually make sure that progress is being made. You can use the pledge as a checklist to record any promises you feel are not being kept, and share this with your Reviewing Officer, Social Worker or Personal Adviser. Being in care should not mean missing out.

The Care Leavers' Charter

The Care Leavers’ Charter sets out a list of promises care leavers want central and local government to make. The principles should be referred to when making decisions about young people's lives. It is agreed each year by councils.

​The participation service offers advice and activities for children and young people aged 12 to 25 that are in care, leaving care or have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Contact Children's Rights

To request an advocate or independent visitor or to find out more about joining a group, contact us using the online form below:

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Tell us what you think

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  • tell us about something you think we could do better

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  •  rights4children - A new website for children and young people living away from home has been launched.

    Called rights4children, the site is packed with information about children’s rights, on topics important to them.

Children and young people's complaints procedure

The children and young people's complaints procedure gives details of the arrangements for the complaints process. You have the right to request an advocate who will help you through the complaints process.