Working while at school

You can work part-time while you are still at school, but you are only allowed to work a restricted number of hours at certain times of the day.

​Under the age of 13

You are not allowed to be employed in any capacity, even by your parents or carers.

Between the ages of 13-16

You are allowed to work part-time under certain conditions:

  • You are not allowed to work before 7am and after 7pm on any day
  • If you are performing in theatre, modelling or sport, your parent or carer and the employer will need to complete a performance licence

On the last Friday of June in the school year you reach the age of 16, these restrictions no longer apply.

Work experience

An unpaid internship or work experience placement can be a great way to see if a career path is right for you and get training and experience for your CV. However you need to make sure that any work you do does not affect your education and that the business employing you is not exploiting you.

Children's University

Children’s University is a scheme for anyone aged 7-14 which offers new and exciting learning activities out of normal school hours.

These could take place before or after school, during lunch, at weekends or during holidays. You can choose which activities you want to do and when. Everything is linked to something you may study at full university once you have completed your higher education.