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There are lots of groups​ in Northamptonshire that you can get involved with to make your voice heard.

Speaking up for your rights

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars group represents the needs of young people with additional needs in Northamptonshire.

Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council offers young people in foster care, in a children’s home or who have recently left care the chance to have a say about things that really matter and affect their life.

Care leavers council

The Care Leavers Council is also a chance for you to have a say about things that really matter and affect your life when you’re at the point of leaving care. Whether you live with a foster carer, in a supported accommodation or you live on your own home, your ideas can make a big difference.

Northampton Youth Forum

Northampton's Youth Forum have elected and co-opted representatives of young people who aim to speak up for and on behalf of the young people of Northampton. This involves young people in taking an active part in decision-making about young people.

Service changes and improvements

Young Inspectors

Young people from our Children in Care Council and Shooting Stars Groups have recently been inspecting some of our services as part of our Young Inspectors programme. The young inspectors are trained to plan and undertake the inspection visits, evaluate services and talk to the young people who are using the services.

This report outlines their work and the recommendations from the inspections that will be taken forward in service planning and improvements.

Getting involved in the community

Northampton Association of Youth Clubs (NAYC)

The NAYC offer opportunities for young people to get involved in a wide range of activities.

Clubs for Young People Northamptonshire

Clubs for Young People Northamptonshire (CYPN) is a charity that works closely with the community to ensure that there are a variety of safe but enjoyable activities for children from the ages of 8 to 19, from roller skating events to national boxing competitions.

Young Healthwatch

Young Healthwatch are looking for young people in Northamptonshire between 11 to 24 years old who are keen to make a difference in health and social care and are interested in young people's rights and wellbeing.

Young Healthwatch have released their first newsletter:

Tell us what you think

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